Wally Wood is New Brunswick’s most trusted firewood supplier. We sell and deliver firewood year-round and when other suppliers are out of wood, we’re still delivering. We supply only high quality firewood composed of  mixed hardwood, mostly maple and yellow birch, cut and split to 16 inch lengths. And now, we are making things easier by accepting online firewood orders both for immediate delivery and for delivery in the spring.

Wally Wood delivers to these highlighted NB Counties

Order firewood from Wally Wood in these highlighted counties

Order Firewood for Spring Delivery

  • All our firewood is delivered COD.  You will only be charged after delivery. Payment can be made in cash, check or email bank transfer.
  • We deliver firewood to most places in the counties highlighted (left)
  • We will also take orders for next year. Make sure that you get your order in early to ensure delivery in the spring.  This allows plenty of time for your firewood to be perfectly seasoned.
  • Listed prices are subject to change and will be confirmed prior to delivery

At Wally Wood, we want to be YOUR trusted firewood supplier. We never run out of wood so we can deliver 365 days of the year and we deliver quickly, often within a day or so of ordering. And now, because you can order firewood through our website, you can be sure that your order is received (via PC, tablet or smart phone) at any time of the day or night. You will also know that your order can not be forgotten or details lost. Let’s face it… Wally is far too busy cutting and delivering firewood to be sure of answering his phone and sometimes cell phone signals are not so good in the woods.