Cord(SpDe)-Firewood-Spring Delivery


Cord of mixed hardwood cut and split to 16 inch lengths.  All the details, including price, will be confirmed prior to delivery. Payment is made upon delivery.  Delivery will be made in the spring or early summer leaving plenty of time to season. The listed price includes all taxes and delivery.


This cord of firewood is to be delivered in the spring or very early summer leaving adequate time to ensure seasoning before the heating season. Do not wait until the fall before ordering your firewood.  Protect yourself against firewood shortages and price hikes.


This is a full cord of mixed hardwood that is not seasoned but will be burnable. Proper stacking and a couple months in a sunny well-ventilated place will ensure good seasoning.

All the particulars of this order including price will be confirmed via telephone.  As this firewood is for delivery next year confirmation of price and delivery time might take a few weeks. When you order through the Wally Wood website you can be assured that your order has been received, tracked  and delivery has been worked into the delivery truck schedule.


Payments will be made on delivery (COD). Payment can be made in cash, check or bank email transfer.  Listed prices are subject to change based upon delivery distance, time of year and availability and will be confirmed prior to delivery.


Discounts may be available for orders of two cords or more.


We deliver firewood to most places in: Charlotte County, Saint John County, Kings County, York County, Queens County, Sunbury County and parts of Albert and Westmoreland counties.


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